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Why do I add a Sitemap to all My Websites

What is sitemap.xml? Sitemap.xml is a kind of XML file that contains some URLs and related information wrapped with XML tag. Sitemap is used by search engine bots only. It provides information and an invitation to search engines to crawl those pages and index. In this post, we will introduce you with different types of sitemap but […]

A Good Blogger Knows About Robots.txt

What is a robots.txt file? Robots.txt file is a normal txt file that includes some text to give directions to search engine bots. Generally, when a search engine bot goes to visit a web-page URL such as http://example.com before visiting, it visits robots.txt file to get permission to crawl the URL. Though robots.txt file cannot […]

6 SEO Plugins I Use on Almost Each WordPress Install

Nowadays many smart webmasters like working with WordPress. This CMS is so much popular because of its user-friendly dashboard, SEO friendly site structure, and easily customizing facility. Any new user who does not know much about website design & building can maintain a website or blog without taking any professional help. WordPress gives us the […]

Do Social Media Links Affect SEO?

When I started this post I was inclined to base my findings on what is circulating on the web on the topic of social media links, that is to say, the general opinion that social media links are neither counted nor not counted as SEO factors. But I realized I was in the unique position […]

TikVideoCyborg Review: Is It Worth it? I Got it And…

Did you know that you can bill $200 per TikTok video even if you are just a starting “mini” influencer? However, before I go into detail, let me share with you some facts regarding how much influencers charge for a single blog post or video. Based on a report released by yahoo financing, on top […]

Spin Rewriter 10 Review – I Used it And…

Spin Rewriter 10 is the latest release from Aaron Sustar, that created the Spin Rewriter software back in 2011. There’s some dispute over whether making use of a post rewriter is a feasible option with today’s search engine algorithms. I have a lot of sites that I handle that consistently require content for outer-tier links, […]

Fiverr Pro Review – Is It Worth it?

Fiverr Pro is a market for “digital sellers”: freelance specialists working over the web, to offer their skills and abilities to “buyers”. Buyers in this case might be online marketers, business owners, and small business-owners looking for help with their numerous digital tasks. Thanks to a reliable score system, buyers can look through the vast […]

Should You Buy Backlinks On PBNs ?

For those of you that don`t know what PBNs are, the term is an acronym for Private Blog Network. PBNs are basically multiple websites built by someone to mimic the look and feel of a blog or news website, but created only for backlinking to and boosting other websites. PBNs were seen as a great […]

How I Ended Up Getting Scammed On Freelancer Dot Com

Yes, folks, today I`ll talk about Freelancer.Com. For those of you that don’t know what Freelancer.com is, it’s a marketplace where you can employ people to outsource all kinds of tech projects to. You can get people to work on all kinds of projects, from marketing to SEO, from web design to video and phone […]

To Fiverr Or Not To Fiverr ?

Yes, as you might have noticed, this is a thread about the Fiverr marketplace. As most of you already know, microjobs are a big part of the online service offering. Microjob marketplaces are basically websites where you can outsource small projects to professionals for small fees, sometimes even pennies. Fiverr is one of the marketplaces […]