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: something contained—usually used in plural the jar’s contentsthe drawer’s contents b : the topics or matter treated in a written work

table of contents c : the principal substance (such as written matter, illustrations, or music) offered by a website … Internet users have evolved an ethos of free content in the Internet.—
Ben Gerson

2 a: substance, gist b: meaning, significancec
: the events, physical detail, and information in a work of art
compare form sense 10c
The film was rated R for its violent content.
: the matter dealt with in a field of study
… the content of sociology is inexhaustible …—
Franklin H. Giddings
: a part, element, or complex of parts
: the amount of specified material contained : proportion
the sulfur content in coal

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con·​tent kən-ˈtent
: contented, satisfied
She was content with her life as it was.

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con·​tent kən-ˈtent
contented; contenting; contents

transitive verb
: to appease the desires of
… he had been betrayed into a position which neither contented his heart nor satisfied his conscience.—
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
: to limit (oneself) in requirements, desires, or actions
The rainy weather spoiled our plans for the

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