My Opinion On The BlackHatWorld Marketplace

Most people believe that the community is one exclusively inclined towards black hat techniques and using immoral if not illegal techniques to trick Google to rank their websites. This is obviously not true. In fact, if you browse the main subforums on the BHW, you’ll notice that it not only has a white hat area, talking only about clean ways to make search engines love you, but also the dreaded blackhat area has a lot of posts talking about how content uniques and value is king, how building a lot of backlinks can harm your website and how a clean backlink profile and an authority website can go a long way. So basically BlackHatWorld is slowly becoming a smaller WarriorForum.

But don`t get me wrong, this isn`t a blog post praising BHW or even one inclined into advertising their community. Not at all. In fact, if you’re just starting into the  internet marketing world, Warrior forum can probably teach you a lot more about where to start and how to move forward. This is a post about how can the BlackHatWorld Marketplace help you get more sales.

Again, if you aren’t a constant member of the BHW community you might think that BHW marketplace is mostly about selling black hat SEO packages. This, again, isn`t true. I am one of the people that browse BHW completely ignoring threads talking about SEO. The marketplace can also be used to sell services like social media promotion and marketing, web design, images and logo design, web hosting services and more.

I used the marketplace, trying to promote social media makerting services. I did have a professional service to offer, but as you may know, having a great service is just half of the work, finding leads and converting them is the other half that you need to work on.

Before starting to receive traffic, as for most professional forums, there was an approval stage, that I needed to get through before selling. First off, you can`t sell anything on the forum if you’re not a JR. Vip member. This is a paid subscription that will cost you aroun $97 yearly, but that’s not all. You need to have at least 100 posts and no infractions before buying, so be very careful what you do on the forum if you plan to sell your services on their marketplace.

As soon as you’re a Jr. Vip member you can add your services for approval within the marketplace. You will have to build a detailed thread with all of your packages and their prices. This thread will be verified by one of the moderators and you will have to offer your best and priciest package to the moderator that handles your approval, for free, to be tested.

This is something that you should know about, especially if you are outsourcing parts of your services, because if you offer an enterprise package worth $500 and you pay $350 to outsource it, then you’ll have to offer that package for free, so be sure you have enough money to pay your team. Once the thread passes the approval stage, you have to pay $30, and as soon as you make your payment the thread will go live. So the cost to get th thread approved will be $97+$30. Additionally you will spend whatever you pay your team for the biggest package and the time it takes you to reach 100 posts. This is the technical part you need to take into account.

What about the traffic and sales you can get with BHW marketplace ?

Once you have an approved thread, things are way simpler. The best part is that you don`t have to pay each time you want to bump your thread, like on WF marketplace. Bumbing your thread is mostly free, but you do have to avoid spamming it. As for the traffic part, of course SEO threads get a lot more traffic than everything else, but even so, I got a pretty decent amount of sales, especially seeing that bumping is free and each time you get a reply, your thread gets on the 1st place again.

As a general tip, seeing what currently works on the forum, it`s best to promote your services using an infographic, but if you can`t afford a professional one, be sure you build a professional salesletter, because you can only edit it for a couple of days. After that, for any edits you have to ask an admin to do it.

As a conclusion, the BHW Marketplace is a great place to sell your products, but only if you have enough money to get through the approval process. As soon as you get approved, if you’re active enough on your thread you will receive free traffic to your offer for a long period of time.