Two Dollars (The Beginning)

Many people claim they have years or even decades of experience behind them in the online world. But what drives someone to the point where they think about making money online ? For some of them is losing their jobs. For others is the birth of a child. For some it could be curiosity, while for others it could be desperation. For me it was the need for $2! I wasn’t poor, I had no urgent finantial needs to take care of. In fact I had a pretty normal life, but…

It all happened roughly 15 years ago. Back then I was living in my parents’ house and they pretty much provided for anything I needed. My father had a real, physical store that was going pretty well.  The online world wasn’t what it is now. It was an unknown and unexplored world. People were taught to be skeptical when browsing. The internet was a place where you’d get viruses that’d kill your computer and steal your money. It`s pretty hard to imagine that now, when you can buy whatever you want, fast and securely online using your phone or even your watch and get it at your doorsteps within a week and even faster. But back then you were taught not to share personal info, especially your credit card or bank account details.

Being unable to use the internet for shopping, I’d only use it to talk to friends and play games. I always had a lot of free time after school and played games in team with close friends, so we usually got very close to the first 10 places in most MMORPGs (AN MMORPG is an online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously). The first place was usually unobtainable for us, because it was usually taken by people that used real money to buy boosts (something we could never do because we were afraid to share any credit card information online).

While we were playing yet another game online as a team, we were pretty close to bringing our clan within the top 5. We didn’t want to spend real money online but still checked the price of boosters. It turned out all we needed was a boost pack that had a price of just $2 (yeah, just two dollars). The next day after schoold we gathered at a friend’s house and talked for hours! We all had enough money to get that pack in our pockets, but had no way of spending them online. If you wanted to use a credit card to shop online everyone would tell you the same thing: Online hackers ask you for $2 and once you give them your credit card information, they`ll take everything you have. But would that mean that we were bound to stay on the 6th place ?

That night I could barely sleep. I wasted a few hours thinking about how I could get the booster pack. I even thought about learning to hack websites just so I could hock into the game to boost my team. Then it hit me: Why not earn the money online ? If some courageous people spent money online, then someone out there was earning. I didn`t even think about making a full income online or turn the internet into a paying job. All I thought about was that I needed to get $2.

I got on the mIRC soft and looked for answers to my problem…

I`ll talk about what happened after that in another article, so be sure to check the blog from time to time for newer articles.

Yeah, so I figured it will be pretty hard to split my life into articles, so let’s just continue the story within this one article. So I got on mIRC, because there were people that seemed to know more about making money on the internet than me. There I found a pretty nice community ready to help anyone that wanted “in”. I was a newbie and there were a lot of weird terms thrown at me that I knew nothing about. They were talking about roots, psyBNCs, CCs, or CVVs. I felt overwhelmed. I needed someone to guide me. Making friends was never hard for me so I started talking with people around different mIRC channels and soon I was friends with a few channel administrators, the ones thought to know the most about what it meant to make money online. One of them became my best friend and stayed that way for a long period of time.

The first thing I learned from him was that people weren’t all that nice to new people as I thought they were. A root was basically a hacked server and they were handing out the login info for one such server to any newcommer to play on. What the newbies didn’t know was that a simple DNS of the IP would tell you that the server was owned by the FBI, having the internet address “” or something similar. Turns out I was in luck when I started, because I didn`t know how to login to a root. It was the only thing that kept me away from the eyes of FBI agents looking to catch hackers.

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