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WarriorForum Sticky Thread – For Me, A Dissapointment

Before I start talking about my past and how I became an internet marketer, I need to share with you a rather dissapointing experience. I have launched a service on one of the biggest internet marketing forums, The Warrior Forum, and the results were well below any expectations.This isn’t an advertising thread, so I won`t even reveal the thread, I`m only going to talk about the final results. And to eliminate any doubts about the general quality of the service, the quality of the salesletter or my ability to convert leads, I will just talk about the views I got on the thread in different periods of the launch, and most importantly, during the sticky thread period.

I have enough experience with launching services and products on online forums and marketplaces and WF isn’t something new to me. Some launches hosted on this forum got me a lot of sales, but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t launched anything on this particular forum in the last year or so.

So how did the launch go ?

Everything started as usual, got everything set up, had someone build a great salesletter, and then I waited. I spent a couple of weeks looking for the hours that got the top numbers of viewers on the forum. I`ve figured out the best day of the week and time of day to launch the service, paid the necessary fees, got the thread approved, and when the time with the most viewers came, I launched it in the Warriors For Hire subforum, expecting to get overwhelmed by sales.

The service itself is one that’s already converting for me, so I had no reasons to worry. I also checked similar services to be sure the price wasn’t too high and that what I offered had a bonus in quality and is unique.

Getting back to the big question: How did the launch go ? Again, the sales number isn’t important. After a day and night of first page exposion on the Warriors For Hire subforum, the thread barely got 100 views. I was planning to send a newsletter to my subscriber list, showing interested buyers the big discount I offered on that WF thread, but seeing the low results I got from the launch and first page exposure, I wanted to test the actual strength of WF.

Twentyfour hours later I got pushed away from the first page by new and bumped threads, and as you can imagine, the thread stagnated at little over 100 views. I waited around one more day, then I thought it’s time to check the bump feature. The bump itself is only worth $20, so if that brings you just a sale or two, you get your money back, so nothing scary about that. But it didn’t. It got just around 20 more views, before the thread got pushed on the second page again.

Normally I thought that launching a service at top hours, although it brings the most exposure, will get pushed down pretty fast, so I had to find a way to keep the thread on the first page as long as possible. The sticky thread feature seemed like the best idea. What could be better than having your salesletter on the first 3 results of the marketplace for 24 hours straight ?

The Sticky Thread Phase

When you bump your thread or make it sticky you have to follow roughly the same steps as when you launch your product. So I checked to make sure that there are enough viewers on the forum, paid the fees (which for the sticky thread are $100), and waited to be amazed. This is where the big dissapointment hit me. For the launch and bump features you can always argue that the post is launched at an hour when there aren’t enough viewers around or that it is pushed down by other threads and it gets away from the eyes of possible buyers. But the sticky thread stays on top of all other results for 24 hours straight. Nothing better than this.

After 24 hours of first page exposure on the Warrior for Hire subforum, my thread only got around 100 more views! This was a hard hit for me, not in terms of money, but in terms of confidence in the strength of WarriorForum. There is one more variable you might think about, and that’s the title I`ve used. Well, you can rest assured I have followed the message type of the most active threads I could find, but kept it unique. So that would have a very small influence, if any, on the general number of viewers.

So What Can You Learn From My experience ?

  • If you only rely on around $100 for advertising your product, don’t count on the fact that bumping or getting your thread sticky will get you your money back in sales.
  • If WF or any forum for that matter has 10,000, 20,000 or even more active viewers, don’t assume they are all buyers or even visit the marketplace, for that matter.
  • We always thought that a great salesletter and a great service is all you need to bank big on popular forums, but it turns out that the strength of the forums also has a big influence on the final results.

Additional Clarification

Just so everything is clear, this is in no way a hate post, I`m an active member of WF and always liked the general feel of the forum and its community, that makes great efforts to help you if you have any questions. This is just a wake up call for people expecting too much from a forum. It’s also a wake up call for the people behind WF, if lucky circumstances get this article in front of anyone that matters in the WF staff team: Don’t expect this great forum to snowball with no help. The truth is that traffic is decreasing and this is a bad thing for normal users, but it’s also a bad thing for people that own WF.