Who am I

Who am I To Teach You Internet Marketing ?

So let’s get through the usual questions, before anything else:

Who am I ?

I’m a simple entrepreneur, living the dream and making a decent amount of money online. This is the part where you’d expect to find pictures of me close to a nice looking car, hugging a celebrity or photoshopped in or near a nice mansion. I`m just going to skip this part, because, frankly, it has always annoyed me. To be honest I usually don’t like to take pictures and some of the geeks reading this will probably understand and agree with me. I have nothing to prove and I can`t be the guy that takes pictures of everything, including his meals, no matter how hard I’d try. I`m a 29 year old dude, that likes to travel, has just enough friends and a life that I trully enjoy. I currently have a lot of projects online, most of them successful. I have constant JVs with top names in the industry, but I like more working alone. It wasn’t always like that, I had a rough start like most of the people struggling to make a buck online.

How did my internet marketing journey start ?

It was so long ago that I have a hard time figuring out all the details. I do remember the reason that pushed me on this road. It wasn`t the mortgage, being broke or desperation, like other entrepreneurs like to start their stories. In fact everything was going pretty smoothly for me. My father had a physical shop but was very skeptical about shopping online, so I always thought that it`s a bad idea to spend money on online shops. Back then, shopping online was very risky. Most websites were scams, some of them were full of malware and viruses, while others kept logs of your credit card information. I liked playing MMORPGs but most of them required you to spend to get to one of the top positions and I wasn’t ready to use my parents’ credit card and put their money in danger.

Everything was great, until one day, when playing a great game online, I was within the top 10 players and was close to reaching the 5th position. All I needed was a boost pack that had a price of just $2 ! That was crazy ! I had the money in my pocket, but I had no way of paying for that pack. So I got into the IM world for just $2 ! It took me a lot of time to make the first couple of bucks, but you’ll find out everything in detail later along the way.

Am I a millionaire selling all of my secrets for just $7,99 ?

I`m not selling anything on this website. This is my personal blog where my experiences hopefully will be an interesting read for a bunch of people.

How could this blog help you ?

I`m planning to go through all my memorable experiences in the online money making world, stopping from time to time and explaining everything from terms used, to the earnings they brought me. I`ll talk about one time deals, fast burners and long time earners. If you’re thinking of making money online, at least you’ll have something to learn from my life’s stories.

This kind of sums up the intro, so let’s get right into it !